Hello, lovely witches!  And Welcome to Witch + Craft!

What started as a sort of mid-life witch crisis (what if I die and my daughters dont learn everything I have to share with them on our witchy traditions *panic face*) has bloomed into a hobby biz that I absolutely love and the panic disappears a little with each page I finish.

Now Witch+Craft is a great place to find my downloadable grimoire pages as well as follow along as I dive into some fun craft projects and other little adventures I'm on. 

(Thank you, because I honest to goddess didn't think anyone would actually WANT my pages. I had originally shared them quietly in a facebook group only to become overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and encouragement. It has literally has brought me to tears of disbelief and gratitude many times). So thank you! I'm extremely grateful for the awesome community here, raising up a fellow witch when I was doubting myself and encouraging me to do what is in my heart to do.

Because of your encouragement, I pushed forward on something that felt like an impossible project and I've added over 100 pages to my family grimoire now (OH MY GODDESS, it doesn't feel real, I remember the first page and thinking 'this is going to take a lifetime, I'll never have enough time to finish this'). I've added a flip through video of some of the first pages I did, I had a new video but it was ten minutes long...nobody has time for that, so I will keep sharing the shorter video. HAHA!

I'm always adding pages as often as I can but I don't always add all the pages to my etsy shop. I still struggle with the internal 'I dont think people would want this particular page...' along with the 'this page is so random...' (I add pages based on what I teach my daughters, new herbs we learn about, random lessons and stories from my childhood that I remember, things that are seasonal, etc. which means lots of 'random' pages. I feel bad because it probably looks like I have stopped adding pages (!) because they dont get added to my shop.

In the future, when I have enough of one type of page, I'll bundle them and offer them in the shop. But I just like to find ways to give more, share more. My girls are still learning and it takes practice so sometimes it can be a little bit slow. The oldest tries really hard and struggles the most (she's ten) and the youngest is a natural at it and doesnt try at all (she's 9) and it really frustrates her older sister something terrible haha gotta love sibling dynamics.

Anyway,I know there are many 'basics' in the shop but they're important foundations so I thought they would make nice pages that most paths would appreciate. Any purchase in the shop is greatly appreciated. (If you have been truly amazing and purchased all the bundles in my shop, then my deepest gratitude to you!)

Brightest Blessings!

P.S. I would love you to the moon and back if you would take a look at some of my most popular pages below...

If you are looking for Spells, Herb pages, or Crafts, then Witch + Craft is the place for you and we love having you!